mMESH for Armed Forces

Whether in combat situation, or humanitarian aid, or other situations where the military is deployed, it is critical for military commanders to have a reliable field communication network for better command and control. mMESH is the ideal platform to proivde an IP-based, fully mesh network where voice, data and video can be transmitted across the theatre of operation seamlessly. Hub-less, the network still remain in place even if any node is taken out (ie. there is not central point of failure).

mMESH for Homeland Protection

Police, Fire Department, Custom and Immigration, Disaster Search and rescue etc. are all important domestic agencies. Whether it is a police stakeout, a SWAT operation or riot control, or firemen fighting to control raging fire, or custom officers checking suspicious cargo, mMESH can be deployed in various ways to support the operation.


mMESH for Marine Protection

Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Navy, Marine Police, or any agencies tasked with protecting the coastal borders share a similar charter as their inland agencies. mMESH can be deloyed on ships, RHIBs and boarding party personnel to enhance situation awareness during operations.

mMESH for Private Sector

While our customers are mostly in the government sector, mMESH can also be adapted to cater to the business needs of commericial entities in the telecommunication, broadcasting, energy, marine, mining and forestry verticals. NGOs' can also use mMESH products during rescue efforts when emergencies and natural disasters strikes.

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