Audio, Video Surveillance




ACE6 offers a range of equipment suitable for covert audio surveillance. The quality offered by our audio surveillance solutions means that very high evidential standards can be reached in situations such as

- Identification and monitoring of terrorist threats

- Monitoring of organised crime

- High risk operations.

ACE6 covert audio surveillance solutions provide the ability to switch the radio transmission on and off, locally and remotely, and non-verbal call-for-help should the need arise. Data compression capabilities also make it easier to store data on a large scale locally and reduce bandwidth usage. From covert cameras to drop-and-forget microphones, we have a range of products designed for covert applications.We also offers full integration into our mMESH products, which provides longer range transmission over a private network. As convert audio surveillance products are sensitive, please contact us for more information.



Similar to convert audio surveillance products, convert video products are generally used by law enforcement agencies and intelligence community. These hidden or disguised camera products utilise our range of video transmission products to transmit video to desginated receiver stations that can be located in the next room, adjacent building, in car etc. Covert video surveillance products, like convert audio surveillance products, are restricted, so kindly contact our sales personnel for more information.



We carry a wide range of video camera products from various principals, with options for recording or live transmission, as well as thermal, night vision, cameras with pan/tilt/zoom options etc. These third party cameras can be integrated with our COFDM Video Transmission and mMESH products.


“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety ― Benjamin Franklin.”