COFDM Video Transmission




There are many applications for wireless video transmission, from broadcasting and news gathering to mobile surveillance and convert surveillance etc.


COFDM Point-to-Point Video Transmission

COFDM video transmission products are widely used in the government sector and broadcast industry. Built to very small sizes, the transmitters can easily be carried by camera crews during live broadcast of news or sports events. In convert operations, the transmitter can be paired with pinhole cameras and easily hidden on a body. As the product supports mobility and non-line-of-sight transmission, , our customers have also installed transmitters / receivers in vehicles (sea / air / land) and drones.

ACE-Vision COFDM Transmitter and Receiver



Solo Series COFDM Transmitters

Solo Tx


Solo Series COFDM Receivers

Solo Rx



3G / 4G Video Transmitters

These solutions are based on client/server concept, where a field device (or client device) will connect to a server in a central location, or in a vehicle, via a 3G/4G Internet connection, hence mobile sim card(s) with mobile data plans are required. Videos from cameras are encoded into IP on the client device and then transmited over public 3G/4G networks back to the designated server. Because these products are using public networks for transmission, they are more widely used in the broadcast industry or for general surveillance or monitoring applications.



We can assist customer to design a solution that fit your operational requirements. Some of the applications for video transmitters are

- mobile surveillance, where live video from ships, drones, helicopters, cars etc are transmitted live to a central location.

- surveillance by police, fire department and other security agencies.

- traffic monitoring

- temporary streaming of video from existing CCTV to PC.

- Live broadcasting



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