mMESH COFDM Communication


One of the main objective of conducting surveillance is to enhance situation awareness, which will lead to better understanding and faster decision making by leaders of organizations. Such decisions can often save human lives and protect important assets. Having complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute information is essential; situation awareness has been recognized as a critical, yet often elusive, foundation for successful decision-making across a broad range of complex and dynamic systems, including aviation, air traffic control, ship navigation, health care, emergency response and military command and control operations, and offshore oil and nuclear power plant management.

At ACE6, our business is all about providing solutions to enhance situational awareness for timely and effective decision making.



Our IP-based mMESH microwave products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Using the latest in advance microwave communication technology, mMESH is able to form networks in both line-of-sight and non line-of-sight situation. The product is designed to be hub-less, and it can form networks in any configuration, ie point-to-pointpoint-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity. Each node in the network can function as a repeater, allowing mMESH to offer extended range coverage.

mMESH is designed to operate on a mesh/mannet platform whereby all radios operating in the network will be self-healing, consistently forming new RF paths or links to create the most robust network possible in any given environment. The mMESH is a quick deploy bi-directional solution; a private IP-based network  can be established in a matter of minutes, interconnecting up to 32 radios in a single frequency. Being fully IP-based, mMESH network is able to interconnect with any legacy IP-based network, including satellite IP networks. When combined with traditional satcomm or other long range strategic communication techniques, mMESH offers a truly last-mile connectivity for frontline operations, allowing the transmission of voice, data and video from front-end to back-end Operation Command.

mMESH self-forming capability fully support mobility applications like unmanned drones application, convoy movement, anti-terror tactical unit deployment etc. Equipped with AES 256 and frequency hopping options, ACE6 mMESH provides a secure private communication network for the most extreme operating environments. Whether its the deployment of a spec-ops law enforcement unit (eg. SWAT) or the deployment of military assets for a mission, or the deployment of a fire-fighting unit etc, mMESH allow for fast deployment of a private network within the field of operation that can provide operation commanders with up-to-date information, leading to better situation awareness and faster decision making.


Our mMESH products come in 3 base models, Robust, Bodyworn and Standard. Robust mMESHis designed for outdoor use, its built to IP66 rating. Standard mMESH is for vehicle or in-building use, while bodyworn is designed for personnel use. Presently the available frequency band for our products are 450 - 600Mhz and 1.0 - 1.5Ghz. Downloand product brochures from our Resources section.



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