Faraday Bags




Faraday Bags, which are essentially radio frequency (or wireless) shielding bags, are used by military, law enforcement, intelligence community, forensic investigators, commercial enterprises, or any parties or individuals who wishes to protect their digital devices from unwanted wireless intrusion.

Hackers are proficient in gaining entry into personal computers via Wifi or Bluetooth, and sydicates can use RFID skimming to intercept information from RFID chip-based credit cards, other payment cards, ID cards, passports etc. So its important to protect your wireless devices and personal cards, and Faraday Bags are one such products that can provide some form of protection when you travel and move about. It can block out 2G/3G/4G, bluetooth, RFID, Wifi and GPS signals.



Faraday Bags are designed to block out 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 1900Mhz, 2100Mhz, 2400Mhz up to 70dB, and 1220Mhz & 1570Mhz (SatNav/GPS)

Faraday Bag is an enclosure formed by a multilayered conductive mesh, coated in a rip-stop nylon (the same material that parachutes are made of), then covered in polyurethane outer skin to ensure robustness of the products.



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