mMESH for Armed Forces


mMESH can be utilized in various military operational situations, here are some examples.


1. mMESH and Convoy Movement

Convoy movement through hostile territory is extremely unpredictable and having full situation awareness among all vehicles in the convoy is extremely important.

Our tactical communication mMESH products can be used in a convoy movement to enhance situation awareness across the whole convoy. When an mMESH network is formed, all vehicles in the convoy will be connected in an IP network. Video, data and voice can be communicated between any vehicles in the convoy.

In a convoy, each vehicle can have a mMESH node and camera(s) installed, and vehicle commanders with ruggedized laptops will be able to view the videos from any cameras in the convoy. Such a deployment will enhance the situation awareness and increase the suvivability of soliders in hostile envrionments. If the convoy includes a helicopter, the helicopter can also have a mMESH node installed and it can function as a relay point between the convoy vehicles, and extend the range of coverage. If one of the convoy vehicles is equipped with a satellite VSAT comm-on-the-move antenna, the entire convoy can be linked to Central Command and information can be sent to and fro between Command and the convoy.


2. Battlefield Network

Taking the Convoy Movement scenario one step futher, mMESH can be deployed as a Battlefield Communication Network; mMESH can link up all friendly units in the battlefield, and with GPS data Commanders will be able to know where all assets are deployed and located, providing Commanders an overview of assets status and deployment. Such a network deployment will provide Commanders with greater situation awareness and improve communication and coodination of friendly forces. Up-to-date information can also be pushed to the field units.

Ground forces can be equipped with our Personnel Tactical Communication Kit (PTC), this willl enable special forces and other infantry units to connect into the battlefield network. ACE mMESH Personnel Tactical Communication kit is an integrated solution put together for infantry units, special forces, and other tactical ground units .


3. Base Camp Surveillance

Military camp surveillance and protection is critical in any field operation. mMESH and our COFDM video transmission products, when connected to surveillance cameras, can create a perimeter of surveillance around base camp. All the video feeds will be transmitted to a central monitoring station. Various types of sensors can also be added to the solution. The mMESH/Vision transmitters and cameras can remain in 'sleep' mode until the sensors are triggered. Once triggered, the transmitters and camera will wake up and start transmitting the video to the monitoring station.



4. Drone Applications

Drones are widely deployed in military for surveillance operations. We have integrated various camera products and COFDM video transmission products onto quadcopters for surveillance applications.

mMESH are also integrated onto drones so it can function as a relay point to enable transmission of video/audio/data over logner distances.


“I think first of all there was a failure to have real, clear information at our disposal. There was a real lack of situational awareness. We didn't have the capabilities on the ground to give us real-time, accurate assessments of the physical condition of the city - Michael Chertoff.”