mMESH for Private Sector


mMESH can also be utilized for the private sector as well; and verticals like energy, oil and gas, telecommunication, broadcasting, mining, forestry, private security firms, transportation (ie train, sub-way operators), agriculture, maritime shipping and NGOs or Emergency First Responders involved with disaster relief could benefit from our products. Here are some examples.


1. Broadcasting

Whether its jounalism, or sports events, live broadcasting can benefit from both our mMESH or COFDM video transmission products. These products, combined with either ACE6 supplied or customer supplied broadcast cameras, allow sports events or news to be transmitted wirelessly to Outdoor Broadcasting Vehicles where the videos are transmitted live over satellite. This will provide cameramen more versatility and freedom to capture the video footages.


2. Mining / Forestry / Land Rig Drilling Site

Remote offices located in the middle of a forest, mining area, or somewhere far from civilization, will require a communication link with their main office for data transfer, Internet, voice and video conferencing etc. ACE6 will be able to provide a complete turnkey communication solution to connect up the remote offices and the main office. mMESH can also be established within the mine to allow communication from inside the mine. With such a communication link, ACE6 can further provide solutions like:

- Perimeter surveillance

- Mine monitoring and surveillance

- Area Mapping using drones

With good satellite communication linking the remote site to HQ, personnel at HQ can also monitor and keep track of the situation at each remote locations.


3. Offshore Oil & Gas / Maritime

Many drilling rigs are equipped with VSAT communication. By integrating VSAT with our mMESH products, and installing mMESH units on offshore support vessels (OSV), OSVs will be able to tapped onto oil rigs' communication network and get access to ERP system and other communication application. OSVs will not need to install their own VSAT antennas.

Used another way, when oil rigs in an area are connected to the mMESH network, this network can function as a backup. If one rig's VSAT is down, the rig can tapped onto an adjacent rig's communication network.

ACE6 mMESH solution can also be used in the Energy Sector for

- Compound or vessel sercurity and surveillance

- Remote inspection of facilities or equipment onshore and offshore using drones.

- Remote troubleshooting of faulty equipment on an oil rig.

- remote hardware/equipment monitoring

- Telemedicine

- Live online training.


4. Private Security

For private security firms, our integrated mMESH solution like Personnel Tactical Communication Kit can also be used by security detail assigned to protect VIPs. Battery-powered fast-deploy intergrated mMESH/Camera surveillance solutions can also be customized to customer's operational requirements. mMESH can also be deployed for convoy movement scenarios, similar to military convoy movement..


5. Telecommunication

ACE6 mMESH solution can be use to connect up remote town and villages, and backhauling of voice/data traffic via satellite communication where long range transmission is required. ACE6 mMESH products is already used by certain telcos to act as a back up service link to their 3G/4G infrastructure; in the event the 3G/4G BTS are down, they can remotely log into the BTSs via the mMESH link.

Our fast-deploy mMESH products can also be used by telcos to quickly establish a communication network in the event of natural catastrophes like tornado, hurricane, earthquake, floods etc.


6. Transportation

For the transportation sector, we can offer live surveillance solution for buses, or any other vehicles that require camera surveillance. Cameras installed on buses/vehicles can be connected to a cellular video streaming device installed in the vehicle. This will allow the bus operator to monitor all surveillance video feeds from one central command and control station.


7. NGO First Responders

These organization often engage in disaster relief efforts and on some occassions may be the first responders to a disaster area. If the local telecommunication infrastructure is destroyed, or non-functional in the disaster area, then these organizations will need a means to stay connected to the rest of the relief efforts.

By using ACE6 mMESH and satellite communication products, these NGOs will have the means to establish ground communication with mMESH, as well as connecting to the Internet via a flyaway VSAT system. Hence a local communication network and global connection can be established to aid in the relief efforts. Without good communication network, it will be extremely difficult to coordinate relief efforts in a disaster area.


As our poducts can be used in many scenarios and applications, do feel free to contact us for a free consultation on what our products and solutions can do for you and your organization.

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