MESH for Homeland Protection


Each country has its own Homeland Protection agencies, broadly they can be

- Police Department

- Intelligence agencies

- Fire Brigade

- Customs Office

- Immigration Department

- Border Security & Protection

- Emergency Services

- Anti-drug Enforcement agencies etc

Some larger countries will have more agencies to support domestic protection.


1. Safe Cities Solution

Using proven technologies, ACE6 solutions provide homeland protection agencies with advance communication technologies to effectively respond to a range of common city threats. The solution offers a private and secure communication network based on ACE6's mMESH products.

A surveillance solution can help to protect cities and keep cities safe. The integrated surveillance and communications network provides fast and reliable access to real-time visual, audio and location-based information. The mMESH network is flexible and provides for further expansion as and when required. This allows the network to grow depending on the needs of the user.

Surveillance can be deployed in a city wide area, specific district deployment (eg a district that has a higher reported level of crime), or at a very localized area for targeted surveillance (eg high security area, or within a compound like a prison).

Surveillance solutions can be implemented as a permanent installation, or it can also be designed to cater for ad-hoc events or VIP events (eg, spots events, political campaining, conferences etc). And by combining surveillance cameras with our mMESH products, agencies responsible for security can enhance and improve their surveillance and protection capabilities.


2. Team-based Solutions

The Personnel Tactical Communication Kit (PTC) mentioned in military solutions can also be used by homeland protection agencies in situation such as crime-in-progress situation, anti-terror operation, local drug-bust operation, fire fighting, or crack down on human traficking operation. Such operations always involve a team and having good situation awareness for the operation commanders of the whole operation is critical, not only for decision making but also to ensure the safety of the government agents and officers.


Each person in the team can be equipped with a bodyworn mMESH radio and body or helmet video camera; anything the person see can be transmitted live to the ground command vehicle and the commander will have full visibility on the developing situation. Even a K-9 unit dog can be equipped with a body camera and mMESH unit. In a fire fighting situation, Fire Brigade Commander will be able to see fire fighting inside a burning building via the firefighters; anti-terror Commanders will be able see and hear exactly the situation on the ground. The solution enhances situation awareness which allows the Commanding Officer to make faster and more effective decision becasue real time information is made available to them via our mMESH communication network.


“I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I've invented - R. Buckminster Fuller.”