mMESH for Marine Protection




Here is an illustration of a typical mission scenario a marine security agency like the Coast Guard can encounter.

Combining high tech surveillance technologies, mMESH solutions, drones and satellite communication technologies, we can bring Coast Guard patrol vessels to the forefront of coastal surveillance. Highly versatile and customizable, our marine surveillance solution can equip vessels with various types of video cameras with high zoom capabilities, low-light lenses, infra-red lenses as well as thermal imaging capabilites. Together with our mMESH products, drone technologies, satellite communication products, we can equip Coast Guard with a whole suite of surveillance solution.




Scenario - Intercepting Suspected Smuggling Ship.

1. Coast Guard received intel on a ship suspected of smuggling illegal goods.

2. Using long range radar Coast Guard vessels detect the suspected ship. A support helicopter with mMESH device and high resolution video camera installed is dispatched to conduct an airborne surveillane of the suspected smuggler ship. Live video feeds is transmitted back to main Coast Guard mothership and Flotilla Commanger can decide whether a boarding party is required.

3. RHIB boarding craft with boarding party is deployed. Boarding Party Commader decided a closer look is required before boarding the smuggler ship. A drone equipped with mMESH and video camera is deployed to conduct a close-up inspection of the smuggler vessel. This is to ensure there are no traps or surprises on the surface of the ship. The drone can also function as a relay point between RHIB and Coast Guard vessel.

4. RHIB has a mMESH node installed, and each individual boarding party member is equipped with PTC kit. Live video from the drone is sent to Boarding Party Commander, and the video is also relayed to Flotilla Commader via the mMESH connection between RHIB, drone or support helicopter.

5. Boarding party boards the suspected smuggler ship and videos captured from the helmet camera are transmitted live to the Coast Guard vessel and to shore-base central command via satcom. All voice and data can also be transmitted over the mesh network. Because it uses COFDM technology, even if the boarding party is belowdeck, the mMESH signal will bounce off the walls and find the next mMESH node that will act as relay until the signal reaches the RHIB and then onward to mothership. This gives the Flotilla Ccommander and even Central HQ Command better situation awareness and thereby faster decisions can be made.


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